Friday, 21 July 2017

Dream Restaurants in Kochi

Restaurant-SFC plus
Specialties- Skinless fried chicken, Freshly baked pizzas, crunchy burgers and awesome salads.

We all are very particular about our taste and when it comes to celebrating some special event, everybody wants to be a part of celebration but always want to celebrate it out and get a leave from cooking and cleaning after that.

I have been in Kochi for two years now and been to many restaurants available in Kochi.

When you come out from Airport you will definitely see many restaurants on the main road.

Here I have listed some restaurants which are best and you will love to visit whenever you will get a chance to visit Kochi.

1- SFC plus- When you enter in Lulu Mall 1st counter is SFC plus while having many restaurants in Lulu Mall you will definitely pamper your taste buds on having food from SFC plus. The specialty of this restaurant is The Skinless Original Fried Chicken. Which is unique and best in the world. Apart from Fried chicken they also have Crunchy burgers, Freshly baked Pizzas and a lot of beverages varieties. SFC plus has 5 restaurants in Kerala apart from Kochi is located in Trivandrum, Thrissur and Kollam too. Next time you go to SFC plus don't forget to order Monstar Burger with Pineapple daiquiri.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Kochi Metro a dream turns into reality

It's a 6 am in the morning and I have noticed people approaching to metro stations and building up long queues to get inside as soon as possible.

Most of the people standing outside want to experience ride on the first day of metro. After eagerly waiting for so many months everybody wants to travel in metro.

Its kind of a festival celebration across Kochi, on the day metro started for public. People travelling from Aluva or palarivatom with family got stuck many times in traffic and spend lots of time in traffic. But this was an amazing experience its a totally different experience. Gather your family, plan for a trip in Lulu and spend some quality time with family. Now everyone is enjoying and no tension of driving in traffic.

While standing in food court of Lulu mall, you can have a look of running metro and also observed fully occupied metro in each run.

People wants to travel by metro and experience.

A big thank you to all the people who made it possible.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Metro a dream come true.

Kochi is all set to welcome KMRL (Metro) for the first phase to start very soon. Most of the Kochi citizens are very excited to travel in Metro.
I happened to be in Delhi for almost for 10 years and had lots of travel in Delhi Metro. Believe me, it's a one of the amazing experience I ever had in my entire life, as I am from Agra(UP) and traveling in Metro was my dream. It's really a life saver when you have 45+ C in Delhi. I am sure it will save the lots of energy of citizens and surely great fun to travel. Either it's going to the office, school or shopping Metro is one of the best transport for travel. You don't have to worry about driving parking etc.. just to enter in Metro and enjoy with your fellow travelers. It's really a great achievement for Kochi to have a Metro in the city. Every citizen can proudly tell people that he or she is from a Metro city.

Other most important features of Metro are so amazing but you will only get to know when you travel in Metro.

So best of luck and Happy Journey.